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Data Mining with Weka Training

Weka is also known as the community home for Pentaho Data Mining Community Edition (CE). Pentaho Data Mining is a comprehensive set of tools for machine learning and data mining. Its broad suite of classification, regression, association rules and clustering algorithms can be used to help you understand the business better and also be exploited to improve future performance through predictive analytics.

GrayMatter’s extensive experience with Pentaho coupled with the inherent Data Science expertise gained over the years helps our Trainer’s to teach basic as well as critical aspects of Weka in a fluent and effective manner.

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Getting the 'right data' for the purpose of a meaningful and actionable 'insights gathering' targeted for right outcomes based on business strategies and business model is a science. This science involves not just data scientists, it requires a collaborative synergy between various technologies, BI and analytics expertise from those who have been there, done that successfully like GrayMatter has.